The Sunday Club Run

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The Gregarios Superclub Ciclista

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Club Run - talk me through it!
The Gregarios Superclub Ciclista’s Sunday club run is designed as a social ride and if its your first time out with a cycling club we aim to make you very welcome.  Over a season we’ll ride the best country lanes in all directions from Hatch End (except due South into London!), covering Herts, Bucks, Oxon, Berkshire, and sometimes into the wilds of Essex. If you’re a Sportive fan you may like to check the link on the right, Gregarios’ SVE. 

A key part of the club run is the Cafe Stop where we wind down and shoot the breeze at the area’s best cafes. This can sometimes followed at the end of the ride with a short coffee stop in order to hang out, extend the craic and review the ride in greater detail. You can find on-the-road-reports of many of our rides 
on The Blog.

Where possible we ride two abreast so we can ride and talk. If you’ve never ridden in a group before, you’ll find it’s a revelation how much easier it is than than riding on your own - as you’re sheltered from the wind by the other riders.  We generally share the front pacemaking by one rider moving up from front right position, to front left position (R1 to L1), and everyone behind in the right lane moving up one place. It’s a lot of fun and this allows everyone to get a crack at doing a short pull on the front. If its your first group ride you’re welcome just to ride on the back until you feel happy to move into the line.  We will generally single out if the roads are busy, and we consider safety far more important than speed.        Club Run etiquette 

Can I keep up?
Our average speed for a ride is generally around 15 to 17.5 mph and we try and keep the pace smooth and steady.
If we’re having a bit of fun the pace may go up and hit 20 + mph on the flat - but again its really so much easier in a group.  Even if we do have a blast we’ll always re-group further along the road, and on hills we regroup at the top. Speed is often a key issue for new cyclists, and if you’re not sure just give us a call. If you want to race and train hard, we do that too - but Sundays are for everyone. 

How far do you ride?
In the Summer (??) we try and get further out into the countryside and reach areas that we can’t get to in the Winter, so the distance will be anything from 60 to 75 miles, and occasionally a bit more. Its always a good idea to carry an energy bar with you for any ride of this distance. 
The cafe stop is a key part of the ride, and on the way back there’s quite often an apres ride cappuccino at the fab Fellini Cafe´ coffee house in Hatch End where the ride is discussed and analysed in detail well into the second muffin.
In the Autumn and Winter distances are shorter - usually around 45 to 65 miles.
A great day out on your bike - and perfect preparation if you’re thinking about doing any sportives.

if you’re looking for a shorter ride and need to be back early, you will generally still have company for the return trip, as there are usually riders that have time constraints, or a short pass, and will only be out for a couple of hours. Remember - its much easier to cover these distances in a group and with less effort.

New riders are especially welcome on the club run. We're happy for you to guest-ride with us a few times but after three or four rides you join if you want to ride with us. 
What type of bikes do you have?
We’re generally on lightweight roadbikes with 23c tyres, small saddle pouches, no racks, and no mudguards in the Summer, no cavernous saddlebags.  Keep it light. In the Winter mudguards are a good idea, but don’t worry if you haven’t got any.
Other stuff...
Your participation in Club rides is entirely at your own risk. We suggest that you take out third party insurance for your own sake. 
British Cycling or the CTC can offer you this cover, and you can get FREE bronze membership of British Cycling when you become a member of The Gregarios Superclub Ciclista. This also entitles you to a discount if you decide to get Silver or Gold BC membership.

The start: Place and Time:
Our cafe club run starts at The Cafe Fellini, Uxbridge Road, Hatch End (HA5 4HR) Click here for map.
We meet at 9.15am and leave at 9.30am.  We’re soon out in the countryside and on quiet roads heading into The Chilterns, Hertfordshire, Bucks, Oxon, and beyond. 
Once or twice a year we have a Special Ride where we may drive to The Cotswolds, Suffolk, Essex, or The Surrey Hills and ride from there. Members are notified of any changes by email. Usually there is still a club run on the same day.

Still thinking about it?
Well don’t... just do it!

Cafe Fellini.. Click here for map.

More information:
Just drop us a quick email, or phone.

Contact us:
email: / phone: 07946 708221blog-cycling-news_/

The Club Run

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We now have two Sunday rides

The Club Ride and

the faster

Training Ride

*depending on numbers


Road cycling

Club Run

No No’s...

Ruck Sacks

A ruck sack is uncomfortable.

All you need is a

small saddle pouch

for spare tube tyre

levers & small tool.


Panniers and large

saddle bags are


All you need is a

small saddle pouch.

Camel Backs:

You don’t need a sack

of water on your back

for a club ride,

All you need is a bottle

or two on your bike

with your favourite drink

to keep you hydrated.